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 Risking it ? WHY ?

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Risking it ? WHY ? Empty
PostSubject: Risking it ? WHY ?   Risking it ? WHY ? Icon_minitimeWed Jan 09, 2013 8:40 pm

I still do not understand why you would risk it ? with 10 minutes to go you get on at 3.9 and a big 20.00 is flashing at you to back the draw, why risk it ? as an example I trade at £100 so my liability yesterday was £295 add to that the £100 I am staking and I am in for £395.

When the odds of 20.00 flashed up in front of me, it meant I had to place £19.75 to guarantee a profit of £80.25
now think about this logically if you walked in a pub and your mate said give me £314.75 and if i can pot all 3 balls left on the pool table I keep it, if I don't I will give you £334.50 would you really do it ?

The only time you can confidently 'risk it' if that is the right phrase is when a team concede 2 goals early on and a team is already down to 10 men or they are getting hammered, then yes perhaps you may take a risk but for me if someone is offering me an £80.75 profit or a £295 loss I know what I'm doing.

I only hope some of you guys are on the ferry with me when it goes down because whilst you are trying to nick the booze for a drink in heaven I will be on the lifeboats and rowing for shore.

all the best and up the Rowz team

Very Happy
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Risking it ? WHY ?
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